Filipinos living abroad

Filipino Culture

Philippino culture

Filipinos are strongly family oriented: best friends and coworkers are sometimes considered family.

Filipino culture, as well as its amazing country and beautiful beaches, is very well known and recognized by many people around the world.

There're many interesting aspects about Filipino culture.  TipidCalls knows how important is the family for the Filipinos, so if you live in USA, Canada, UK, Spain, France and Australia, TipidCalls keeps you close to your loved ones.

Challengues on living abroad

Challengues on living abroad

The main reason why we moved: we wanted a better life.  Staying at home ended up alone for a month in a foreign country.

We relied on long distance communication to keep in touch with our loved ones. Long distance calls were not as affordable as we expected, so we did not have the freedom to call home as many often as we wished.

Keeping in touch with our family and friends and our roots was important for us.