Call the Philippines and Enjoy 2000 minutes per month. Call any PLDT, Smart or Sun number. No Internet needed. Up to 5 numbers: change them any time!.

FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions


TipidCalls 3in1

TipidCalls 3in1 is a long distance calling service that gives you up to 2,000 minutes every month to contact to PLDT, Smart or Sun Cellular numbers in the Philippines.

You don’t need to have internet connection for this service.

We want to keep you close to your loved ones with an affordable and quality option, with English and Tagalog speakers at customer service available for you that can be contacted by local line, Facebook or this web page.

  • You don’t need to spend hundreds to stay in touch with your loved ones.

  • There is no need for you to waste your data plans, or those of your loved ones.

  • There is no need to be tied to WIFI.


This service is only for long distance calls. There is nothing like the sound of your voice to make your loved ones feel close !

You may only use the number that has been registered for this service. This is to ensure we know it is you is calling and to make your call very easy: we have your numbers ready on speed-dial, so you don´t need to memorize numbers or pass through a difficult dialing process.

Yes, you can change the phone number you have registered for the service. Service charges may apply.

You may use the service to connect to any PLDT, Smart or Sun Cellular number only, which are the majority of numbers in the Philippines. If your loved ones do not use those services, we can help you to enroll and switch to PLDT, Smart or Sun. Remember: we want to keep you close to them!, so we can help you to send a SIM Card to your loved one in the Philippines to switch provider.

You may use your account once activated. Activation takes less than 24 hours. When we help you to send a SIM Card to your loved one in the Philippines, the activation process could take more time.

In order for you to manage your minutes, there is a call cut after 60 minutes. You simply redial your local number and speed dial of the number you were calling to be connected again.


It is a 30 days service cycle. Price varies depending on the length of the subscription. Visit our web page plan/promo section. We also would be delighted to hear from you via our Customer Service Group: 1-800-737-2710, 1-800-737-2613, 1-800-714-3401 and 1-877-TAWAGNA, by email at or through our Facebook page:

Yes, we also accept money remittance or bank-to-bank money transfers.

Yes, they can, either through remittance or cash deposit.

Customers are billed from five (5) to ten (10) days before the end of their subscription period.

  • The most convenient way to pay your monthly bill is by using a credit card or debit card in our web page or providing the information to our customer service.
  • Our payment system will automatically deduct your monthly fees from your account as per the contract terms. And is there is any query on payment, our customer Service will call you to ensure uninterrupted use of the service. You can also contact them by email at
  • If you are not using a credit card or debit card, you may also pay in cash through remittance or bank transfers. And in case you might have overlooked your account, our customer service will call you to ensure uninterrupted use of the service.


Free Bee is a mobile app that allows you to call your family and friends even if they aren’t connected to the Internet. You can call them directly from the Free Bee app to their PLDT Landline, PLDT Landline Plus, Smart, TNT and Sun numbers for free or at affordable rates.

Free Bee gives you free calls to the Philippines that are sponsored by advertisers.  You may also purchase premium call credits to the Philippines for uninterrupted ad-free calling experience.

You have 500 and 1000 minutes, which are not available directly in to the APP.

You can call any PLDT Landline, PLDT Landline Plus, Smart, TNT, and Sun numbers in the Philippines using Free Bee App.

If you’re using an iOS device, you can also avail of Free Bee Premium Credits valid for calls to* other networks.

* Offer is valid for iOS users only.


  • At TipidCalls we appreciate your trust, so we are a PCI compliance company, which means your information is secure. PCI compliance stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. As a security-minded organization, we have built a series of defenses in our networks, endpoints and applications to keep your information secure at high level compliance standards.
  • Your personal information is will be used only for support, billing cycles and promotions.