Valentine’s day Filipinos & Filipinos abroad

Valentine’s day

Magkasintahan or Filipino lovers are ready to celebrate love and to show their loved ones how much their treasure them.

Lovers exchange roses (rosas), chocolates (tsokolate) and go out for lunch or dinner with their special one. Many Filipinos also choose to renew their vows. The most adventurous ones choose Valentine’s day to confess their feelings to that special person and begin to court him/her with kundiman, serenades or haranas.

Filipino students offer Valentine’s cards to their teachers, as an expression of gratitude for all they have learned from them.

Valentine’s day is also an opportunity for single Filipinos to celebrate friendship, so there are many “Singles Only” parties in which they go and enjoy life… and maybe… if they are looking for love, find it!

For those Filipinos living abroad, expressing their love is be more difficult if they cannot communicate to their loved ones in an easy or affordable way. During this time, is when most Filipinos living abroad feel anxious to contact their family and friends in the Philippines, many of them also feel depressed.

At TipidCalls, we want all the Filipinos living abroad to have that peace of mind and help them to communicate with their family and friends in the Philippines, and why not? be able to offer the person they left behind a harana over the phone, because the most romantic act of love is to hear that special person saying she/he loves you in the other side of the line, and feel close, even when separated by oceans or mountains.

So, if you are a Filipino living abroad and want to express your feelings to your especial one in the Philippines: call!!!, do not waste any more time. Be the special one that calls instead of texting! At the end of the day, we prefer old style communication with loved ones!

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