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feeling lonely

Have you ever in your life were feeling lonely working overseas and wishing to connect easily with your family in the Philippines even when they had no load or had bad internet?

I lived overseas and was not able to speak with them: I was feeling nauseas and my mouth dry every time I had a chance to call and nobody answer. I had no other support and my kids were not with me. I did not have an easy and affordable product to use with 24/7 support, I had nobody to call to see they were fine.

I lost family members and friends while overseas and regret every moment not able to contact them, not able to hear their voice.

Avoid that to happen to you! Use TipidCalls! With the Quality of Globe Network you can call them almost unlimited (2000 minutes per month) and up to 5 contacts in the Philippines. Enroll now, get 7 days/500 minutes free and special rate of US14.99 for 30 days 2000 minutes

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