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Reach out without counting the minutes.

Call the Philippines anytime
no internet required.

$ 19.99 USD per month

  • Call up to 5 Globe Group Network Numbers from USA, Canada, UK, France and Spain number.*
  • No internet or mobile data required.
  • Less than 1 cent per minute

$ 12.00 USD per month

  • Call up to 5 Globe Group Network Numbers from US/Canada number.*
  • Less than 1 cent per minute.
  • 24x7 Customer Service.
  • No internet / no load needed in the Philippines.

$ 5.00 USD per 7 days

  • Call up to 5 Globe Group Network Numbers from 1 US/Canada number.*
  • No internet or mobile data required.

If you have any questions, contact us:

“Call your loved ones
in the Philippines
with TipidCalls”


  • Dial your access number and wait for the “beep”
    During activation we will provide a local number for your country.
  • Press the key for your pre-stored number in the Philippines
    You have up to 5 numbers that can be stored; change them anytime!
  • Talk to your special person!!
    Call is connected immediately. No waiting in line to connect!

FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions

    • 1 - What about my personal information?
      • At TipidCalls we appreciate your trust, so we are a PCI compliance company, which means your information is secure. PCI compliance stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. As a security-minded organization, we have built a series of defenses in our networks, endpoints and applications to keep your information secure at high level compliance standards.
      • Your personal information is will be used only for support, billing cycles and promotions.

  • Call up to 5 Globe numbers in the Philippines from the United States, Canada, UK, France and Spain.
  • No Internet, No Wi-Fi, No Smartphones needed.
  • High quality calls, using real phone lines.
  • Enjoy 24/7 Customer Service Support.
  • Personalized assistance in English and Tagalog.

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  • Alan Gregory

    So easy to call back to Philippines, one local number , calls are very clear, almost like standing in the same room talking. I'm so glad I was given this opportunity

  • Cherry Castaneda

    Budget calls from USA to my relatives located the Philippines. Works even if my family member is traveling to areas with no wifi. Impressive quality of calls as well as the sales agent, Ina Bonifacio she provided me the customer service contact and fb messenger is 24/7 so responsive to my requests or questions. I highly recommend this service.

  • Alvin Eleno

    Calling back home to my family is very cheap now unlike before i was spending a minimum of £19 a month now with tipid calls spending only £12. Good service from Ina Bonifacio

  • Jean

    Hello beautiful peeps!You gotta try tipidcalls! The name says it all! I am so happy I did sign up. I almost hung up but thanks to Darwin, he was very patient.He explained it to me all. Setting up is quick and easy, the superb customer service will guide you all through and through.